The 7.85-inch iPad on the Cards

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While iPad 3 is not that far away, a 7.85-inch iPad is on the cards for a release in the third quarter of this year if rumors are true. Taiwanese Digitimes reported that Apple have made 7 inch iPad prototypes and have given it for testing which means the launch can be as early as in June. Getting a smaller form factor and lower price together, Apple will further look to consolidate its tablet user base globally. The new iPad is designed against the rival tablets from Amazon- the Kindle Fire.

Apple Opposed Different Form Factors

iPad going for a 7 inch form factor is surprising since Apple ex-CEO and co-founder Steve Jobs had said that bringing out the iPad in a different form factors will make the iOS experience fragmented. Apps designed for the gadgets will have to resize, and that will not be optimized in most cases. However, the new 7-inch iPad will use the same 1024 x 768 resolution of the iPad 2, but on the smaller screen and this difference in look and feel will not thus create any problems.

iPad is ready to compete with the Amazon Kindle Killer

Rumors of mini iPads were on from October last year according to some display manufacturers. The new iPad will be cheaper- prices may be at most $299 or even as low as $249 compared to $499 for the 16 GB iPad 2 tablet with Wi-Fi connectivity. The price reduction is mainly because of the smaller form factor. Amazon had shown the world how a small 7-inch tablet would strike a chord with the people. Amazon’s Kindle Fire is expected to get strong competition in the low-end tablet market that it now dominates. The 7-inch Apple tablet is on course, to shake the tablet market.

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