84-inch LG television in Las Vegas next month

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LG is soon to launch a new panel at CES that has 4K resolution in it. It has been named ultra-definition and is a step ahead of high definition. The set with 4K resolution will be first displayed in the Consumer Electronic Show of Las Vegas. The show will be hosted next month when it will be before consumers for the first time.

About the display

LG has planned an 84 inch display for the TV. It will have a 3D ultra definition and its pixel density in four times greater than any normal 1080p television. It will be enriched with eight million pixels. The flat panel can allow your 2D content to be changed into 3D. This is called 2D-to-3D conversion engine. Additionally consumers can also change the depth of 3D effect while the 2D-to-3D conversion engine is operational.

About the sound system

The TV will be equipped with advanced sound systems. The 3D zooming functions allow users to control the 3D sound field. You will also have additional 1200 applications on the television. This TV will be able to connect to the smart TV application store. The television has been engineered for voice recognition technology for controlling the functions in the TV. The voice control will also be beneficial in gaming controls such as Nintendo Wii controls.

LG has initiated this TV to challenge the other 80 inch televisions from Panasonic and Sharp. But the prices will make the gadgets out of reach of common consumers. LG has not yet declared the cost of the 3D glasses with the 84 inch TV. The exhibition of the TV will surely draw a lot of people who would surely not miss the opportunity to look at it first. Other products in the Show under the brand name of LG televisions are the recently launched 55 inch OLED super thin panel TV. The panel has a thickness close to that of a pencil.

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