Acer unleashes its New Windows 8 gadgets

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"Acer Iconia W5"

Acer Iconia W5

Acer has unleashed its new line of gadgets i.e Ultrabook, Hybrid PC, and tablet running on windows 8 and creating a stir in the market. The company had promised other models along with it October release- W5 Hybrid Laptop, Aspire M and Aspire S7 Ultrabook, the aspire U as well as Aspire M Ultrabook to come.

Additionally it must be noted that, in the world of the laptops, Samsung and dell has coordinated hands to create a detachable screen that serves like a tablet in these models. The salient features of the models in which this will be available are as follows.

Acer Iconia W5 and W7

Acer Iconia W5 has a 10.1 inches screen in full touch technology. There are the usual microSD and microHDMI ports, which will be able to increase the memory to 32GB at any time. Along with this, the battery life has been improved upon with Acer promising 18 hours of battery life and six weeks in standby mode.

Acer Iconia W7 is a tablet that has an advanced battery life, ten points sensitive touch screen measuring 11.6 inches, and a five megapixel advanced camera and optional keyboard for those who want.

Aspire M, S7 and Aspire U

Aspire M and Aspire S7 are both in the genre of Ultrabooks with a screen dimension of 13.3 inches. It is only 12mm in thickness with a battery life of more than twelve hours. Both of them run on the Intel Core Processor and Aspire M will have the option of graphics from Nvidia.

Aspire V5 is startlingly 12mm in thickness, and it has a feature of auto light sensing for the keyboard. There are two models, both of which run on Intel Core well equipped with instant access from Acer.

The Aspire U comes with all features that are found in the other models with full high definition technology. It can be tilted, and all the cords are conspicuous by their absence.

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