Advantages of Java PDF Software in B2B Market

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Java, an object oriented programming language is developed by Sun Microsystems, which has become a leading platform to integrate the enterprise backend system with the Web. Java provides a highly interactive online environment in business-to-business processes with the help of development frameworks, standard tools, and simple function libraries.

The different Java PDF software components, such as Java PDF Library, Java Report Generator, Java PDF Viewer, and Java Graph Library are some of the mostly used in the international B2B (Business-to-Business) market. Java PDF software are highly in demand because of creating instant business reports and thus saving a lot of time and money. The best part of the Java software is that it is quite user friendly, so a person who is not a software programmer can also run it. If you are familiar with the basics of Word, Power Point and Excel you can extremely well work on the Java based business software.

Java PDF software

Java PDF Viewer is one such Java PDF software, which can do various tasks, such as, saving, printing, forms, text search, annotations, digital signatures and much more. With the help of these customizable features, you can view the PDF documents having the full support up to Acrobat 9. Being localized in English, Spanish, Japanese, French, and Chinese this Java software caters to the necessity of businesspersons demand internationally.

Java Graph Library is Java PDF software useful in the business-to-business process. Report generation is the integral part of any business, and Java Graph Library can plot line graphs, 2D, or 3D Pie Charts quickly with excellent results.

Java Report Generator is built on Java PDF library, which adds functionality to the business documents. It becomes easy to create nested tables, inline charts, and graphs, loading templates, creating digitally signed document, making interactive forms etc.

Java is a multiplatform language so program written once can be run everywhere. Security features are another key advantage of Java PDF software as you can generate PDF encrypted or password protected documents. The software has transparent Unicode support for creating the documents in Russian, Japanese or any other language as easily as English.

A general PDF document is obviously much difficult for editing purposes especially if a large number of PDF documents are to be processed. Therefore, Text extraction facility is another advantage of Java PDF software for making the processing of documents a less frustrating task.

Today, many business processes, rely on the Java PDF software for retrieving the quick and accurate information and meeting the needs of different businesspersons and applications.

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