Aero Interface to be Dumped in Windows 8

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Areo UI in WIn8

Areo UI in WIn8

Dump the ‘Aero’ interface that came into the Windows experience when Vista was launched and then extended to Windows 7 may finally in the new Windows 8 OS. This was revealed in the blog post of Jensen Harris who is the director of program management for the user experience team of Windows 8. The new OS’ Graphical User Interface will do away with the glassy and ‘reflections’ of the Aero style. The new-look interface will not be released until Windows 8 OS will be fully released later this year.

Aero Footprints

Aero GUI first appeared in Windows Vista betas, in 2005, after being released to the public in 2007 and to enterprises in 2006. Later when Window 7 was released, the aero interface was supplemented with many enhancements like changing the transparency of windows that are maximized and automatically snapping a maximized window to half its size, which is called ‘snap’. Now we are going to see the end of this glassy interface.

The Metro Effect

The famous ‘metro’ interface of Microsoft Windows 8 will work across gadgets including smartphones, tablets, and PCs with consummate ease. Windows finally seems to have understood that it is not how the GUI looks but about how the UI will work for you -consequently the decision to ditch the aero glasslike interface with flattened reflections and reflections. Microsoft has thus decided to ‘scale back’ the ‘distracting gradients’- the unattractive look to the interface in mobile screen may also be a reason for the discarding of the aero interface. This decision will also pave the way for bringing the two types of GUIs- the Metro style interface and the traditional desktop UI closer. According to Harris, the use of materials like glass or aluminum in the computer display ‘looks dated and cheesy’ now.

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