Air swimmers Toys

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Air swimmers toys are becoming a fun toy for both adults and children alike. As a matter of fact, when someone tells you they had a shark or clown fish swim through their rooms last night, don’t be shocked because this is exactly what happened only that they were not real. The remote controlled toys are becoming common with many people loving the fun and joy it brings along. They are able to swim on the air, and can turn, dive or climb on command.

Air Swimmers Toys

Air swimmers are made form Mylar balloons which are filled with helium. What even more interesting is the fact that the air swimmers move in air by swishing their tails from side to side. The tail is controlled using an infrared remote control. To move the fish forward, you have to alter the control to the left and right swish and to turn the fish either to the right or to the left, make more swishes on one side. When setting up the air swimmer, you are required to insert some putty into the control pod which is located underside of each fish. The quantity of putty is adjusted to the point where the weight of the model is buoyant and can neither fall to the floor nor rise to the ceiling.

You will definitely enjoy the fun the air swimmers bring a long. While the fish is flying, there is a button on the remote that will cause the pod to move forward or backward along an attached plastic track. Thus moving it forward will make the fish dive and if you slide it rearward, you will cause the fish to climb.  With a single AAA battery for the pod and three for the IR controller, you are good to go. You can buy your air swimmer from the online shops at an affordable price of about USD 40.
Air swimmers are a different kind of toy and can be very effective and useful in a number of ways. For instance, you can use this toy during your kid’s birthday because it will add up the fun to the event. It is also not very costly and will therefore not cost you much to get one. But be warned that they are only few due to high demands. Should you get your hands on one today, you can be rest assured that it will serve its intended purpose well.

While using and setting up the air swimmer, take precaution minimal precaution since it is safe and has no serious complications or risks whatsoever. Air swimmers are among the safest toys you can have in your home as they pose no risk to either you or your children. Helium is an inert gas and non toxic substance while the Mylar balloon is equally safe. Therefore if shopping for safe and affordable toys that will are much fun and safe to use, air swimmers are the right types of toys to go for because they will sure you both fun and safety and above all are affordable.


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