Altec Lansing inMotion Max iMT702 Speakers Review

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Altec Lansing

Altec Lansing

The inMotion Max iMT702 speaker dock from Altec Lansing docks in your iPod or iPhone plays your favorite songs and provides a magnificent backdrop to your house party or get-together. At a maximum of $200, it gives respectable sound and sports good looks.


The metallic grey and black design are inspiring, and on the top panel, the touch sensitive buttons for Power, Volume control, Track forward/backward, Source, and ESS control are placed. It is surprising that there is no Play button on the dock. The remote luckily has them! However, you cannot access the full menu from the remote, which is also a serious downslide.

The portable speaker with the digital player dock has the following features:

• Size- 310 x 190 x 50mm when dock drawer and stand folded

• Weight- 3 pounds

• Battery- rechargeable Li-ion battery with 3.5 hours backup

• Speakers- 2 wired R/L active speakers with 2-inch woofer

• Built-in features- FM radio, digital player and charging dock, 1.75-inch LCD info display

Pros and Cons

The Altec Lansing speaker dock for iPhones and iPods have a sturdy and aesthetic design. The rechargeable battery adds to the portability of the speaker dock system. The sound quality is admirable but at there is some distortion of sound at high volume levels. The bass response is also not particularly convincing. The options in the remote are limited, and there is no video out in the dock if you are thinking of watching videos on your monitor or TV from the iPhone or iPod.


The inMotion Max iMT702 speaker dock works with iPods and iPhones and sports a sturdy look, but it is not that portable, as one would hope for. Moreover, there is sound distortion at high levels. However, it looks a sophisticated look and sturdy look the sound quality is not enough for $200.

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