Android Future Version- Key Lime Pie is the Next Flavor

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The Ice Cream Sandwich has not been rolled out in full with gadgets waiting in line for the Android 4.0 upgrade- that rumors of future versions Jelly Bean and Key Lime Pie have surfaced. The ICS is now released only in the Samsung Galaxy Nexus smartphone- the third in the Google Nexus line and the ASUS Transformer Prime tablet. Even the upgrade slated for the year- Jelly Bean is also not announced yet.

ICS Upgrades Pending

Nothing much has been known on the release of the ICS upgrade across the Android world- just today the Samsung Galaxy 2 users, it is rumored, to get updates by March 15 in Israel. The world is still in the dark about the global launch of the new mobile OS. April 2012 may see the release of ICS loaded smartphones- cheaper Galaxy Nexus from Verizon and the much talked about Droid Incredible 4G.

Google’s Slack Attitude

It was not surprising that most models on show at the Barcelona Mobile World Congress featured Android 4.0 ICS. The delay and slack in the rolling out of the OS upgrades by Google are irritating android users. Whether the situation, is the fault of the manufacturers or Google or the carriers the fragmentation in the Android world is unavoidable.

By the time, Jelly Bean is launched the ICS would just have been universally upgraded in all gadgets. There is not much visible difference between Froyo- Android 2.2 to Gingerbread- Android 2.3, though many bugs were fixed for an improved experience. However, the ICS is said to bring in a horde of changes with a lot of refinements and enhancements for performance devices. Maybe that is the reason why it is taking so long to be updated in a timely manner. Nevertheless, it is becoming a long wait.

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