Androids next step: Galaxy Nexus

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The Galaxy Nexus has touched the shelves on Thursday and is attracting a lot of attention. The reason is not just based on its unusual size but also the advanced features of the gadget.Great Britain is the place where it has been first initiated in the market.

Advanced features

This new Android version that is being marketed by Verizon Wireless Stores is updated to run the Android 4.0. Among the Androids, it is the first to have an advanced operating system. This mobile operating system is also called commonly as the Ice Cream Sandwich. This is a hugely significant landmark in the history of Android for Smart phones. Mobile users who have used theUKmodel, as well as theUSmodel, say that both the Androids are almost similar in functions apart from this that theUSmodel allows cellular chips. But theUSversion does not run Google Wallet that is a way of mobile repayment but is available on theUKmodel. The phone is associated with a two year service contract.

Target audience

The Galaxy Nexus has borrowed many of its concepts from the Android. They are targeted to a class of users who are keen on gadgets like Kindle fire by Amazon which is a tablet based on the technologies of an Android but looks different. This mobile will be a fresh piece to many customers. The look has been enriched with fewer buttons belonging to the hardware and more buttons belonging to the touchscreen. It has a sleek model which is extremely handy and has three onscreen buttons instead of the regular four buttons.

Work is on the process, to review the Galaxy Nexus. It will be updated with future versions where the apps will be residing somewhere on the screen. But this may cause problems of navigation because people may lose track.

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