Apollo Phone – The sleek design of Windows 8 Phone being leaked

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The information has arrived from an internal Microsoft –video collaborated with Nokia, that there would be significant changes in newly launched Windows phone 8 that has been leaked recently. The leaked video views that the Windows Phone-Manager and the Microsoft Senior Vice President discusses about some features of the few software and hardware, which are to be supported by Windows phone 8.

Hardware in Windows phone 8

Microsoft has shown the full hurrying part to keep its leg pace with challengers by launching such a technology advanced phone. It has all the features which shows it is competing with new technologies phone such as Samsung galaxy- Nexus and iPhone 4S also with HTC Edge, a quad core Android. It is featured with a multi core- processer that has a hobbled feature of Windows phone 7. Apollo will also support Micro SD, NFC and 4 fresh screen resolutions.

Integration of Windows Phone 8

Windows phone 8 has been designed up integrated with-Windows 8 also sharing gadgets with tablet UI and desktop. In addition, developers can be made easy to reuse the code throughout the phone OS and desktop, which makes the porting –apps of your computer to a cinch of Apollo phones. Favoring new companying apps it ditches the client of Zune desktop, while Windows phone Xbox-companion app partnered on Windows 8.

Both the Windows phone 8 and Windows 8 will be using support of SkyDrive, which seamlessly share information among the devices connected. Therefore, as soon as you get an Apollo-Phone you will get all your collection of music on a go.

Apps & Skype with Data Smart in Windows phone 8

For the developers, the brand new OS mobile adds native codes to support them, making port apps easier from Android and OS to –Windows Phone 8.

Skype is completely overhauled on-Windows phone 8, with a service called VoIP; calls from Skype behave similarly like a usual call. Eventually, the camera will be getting a polished and spit base across the “lens apps.”

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