Apple iPad 2 vs HP TouchPad Features

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With the arrival of the HP TouchPad, and the constant and timeless competitor Ipad 2, it is important to find out how the two stuck up against one another. Therefore if you are having a challenge of which of the two to buy, then here is a head on approach and comparison of the two tablets.

iPad2 vs HP TouchPad

The screen display dimensions are similar each with a 9.6 inch screen size and they both offer same 1024 and 768 pixel. The aspect ration for both their screen is 4:3 and the color quantity is same. However, ipad 2 will boast of a brighter panel as compared to the HP touch pad. The camera mega pixels for these tabs differ greatly. The HP touch pad has a 1.3 mega pixel camera which is also useful for video chatting while the apple ipad 2 has 0.3 mega pixel camera that is efficient for video chatting and also for taking self photos. With the HP touch pad, the front camera is only useful while using Skype while with apple ipad 2 front cameras is useful and can capture photos and videos anyhow. Moreover, the HP tab has no rear camera.

On the issue of material used in making the pads, the touch pad is made form plastic while apples ipad is made form better material. ipad 2 is very solid although the Touchpad is heavier than ipad 2. HP touch pad is 13.7 mm thick while ipad 2 is 7.7mm thick. The touch pad is runs on web operating system 3.0 while ipad 2 is run on apples operating system. Although the web OS is a wonderful platform in its functionality if compared to androids OS honeycomb. The software features include a dual core 1GHz A5 processor for ipad and web OS 3.0 with a dual core 1.2 GHz qualcomm processor for HP touch pad. The storage capacity also differs with apple ipad 2 having three options to pick from. First is the 16GB, 32GB, and 64GB storage capacity. On the other hand, the touch pad form HP offers a 19GB, and 32GB storage options.

Internet connectivity issues as well have to be considered when doing comparison. Ipad 2 offers a more responsive browsing experience which the touch pad lacks.  However, with the HP touch pad, there is a feature which supports adobe Flash to give you a desktop like experience. The prices will vary depending on the size and capacity of storage you need. So when shopping for one you have to state your specifications and needs. Having well understood the features, you are better placed to make a more informed and educated decision regarding your purchase. Your intended use may also come into scrutiny while choosing your device. Also note that the touch pad has two speakers while the ipad only has only one. The touch pad also has a standard micro USB port unlike the ipad that whose port is quite different. There you have it. now you can make your own decision as to which of these fits with your needs.

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