Apple iPad 3 concerns: “Costly wireless services”

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It has hardly been a week since Apple’s newest iPad 3 release made its sales. People had only started taking the gadgets out of its package, and now people are already facing problems regarding the cost of the superfast wireless connections promised by the service providers.

High priced wireless connection services

Stating an example of Brandon Wells, he just got his iPad 3 and started streaming the service it is famous for and surfed March Madness games through this service, and the next day was out of balance. 2GB of service was exhausted merely by 2 hours of a basketball game viewing and live games. It is hard to believe, but it was a monthly data allotment for his gadget. He had subscribed for a $30 scheme, but thanks to the 4G wireless network, he will have to pay $10 for every GB that goes over the pack he has subscribed.

Is it a trap?

The features this new iPad 3 is boosted with are designed for providing better watching experience and you will stream more which means higher, will be the charges. This is a farsighted view by the makers and service providers Apple and Google. The phone companies are chiefly dependent upon video streaming to make up for the 4G networking service provided by them. This is a revenue making agenda for them.

Verzion did not make any quotes on these high rated services but got to a side by saying that users can subscribe to higher plans and can also shift to Wi-Fi networks whenever possible to avoid getting highly charged.

LTE is the technology behind such high-speed connections and are extremely costly too. Because of lower voice calling revenues, the company are hoping that LTE services will do some work as they charge according to the data consumed. The cost is $30 per month for 2GB at Verzion and 3GB at AT&T.

The services are exceptionally terrific, but the costs limit their usage, according to users.

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