Apple iPad Mini Review

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In the Tablet world, the iPad is the crowned king of slates and the 10.1 inch touch gadget will have a smaller brother- or, so it seems- the presumably 7 inch iPad Mini. The Apple iPad Mini has been long touted to sweep off the success of the Kindle Fire in the low-end tablet market, which now will feature yet another worthy competitor- the to-be-launched Google Nexus 7.

Apple iPad MiniWhat to Expect

Only rumors have been heard about this petite looking iPad tablet, but most of it may come out true in the end:

• The 7.85-inch form factor

• TFT display using Sharp’s IGZO display technology ensuring a remarkably sleek display

• Sharp’s IGZO panels support up to 330ppi pixel density, which means retina display is on the offing.

 • Dual cameras, nice battery backup and smooth performance are more than taken for granted.

• Streaming content and the app store will be the attraction as always.

Pros and Cons

The fact the Apple did not have the idea of a 7-inch tablet was mainly due to the fact that Apple believes to bring out few but better products. However, a smaller form factor rather that the 10-inch iPads will mean smaller size, less price and arguably adequate finger room for easy usage. On top of that, the small form factor will make the tablet more portable and easy to carry around.

Other concept that hangs around the corner is that of a ‘phablet’ as they call it- an amalgam of a phone and a slate into a single device. Therefore, a 7-inch iPad Mini could take up the responsibility of conjuring up a design that will make customers use the Apple iPad Mini as their smartphone and as their tablet.

Nevertheless, the thing has remained a concept and practical difficulties of acceptability are; however, difficult to rule out.

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