Apple iPhone 5- an Overview

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Apple iPhone 5- Apple’s Next iPhone

iPhone 5

As a way to stay ahead of the competition from rivals such as Samsung, Apple Inc is set to launch its next iPhone, the iPhone 5. According to people close to the company, Apple Inc has already ordered the components of the new Smartphone, anticipating its launch, slated for September.

iPhone 5 is predicted to come with similar features to iPhone 4 but with in thinner and lighter design. It is also expected to spot an improved eight-megapixel camera. When it comes to the performance, one person stated that the Smartphone will come with a wireless chip manufactured by Qualcomm Inc. this is a deviation from chip on the iPhone 4, which was designed by Infineon Technologies AG, a German chip maker now owned by Intel Corp.

Other features that are anticipated in iPhone 5 include compatibility with LTE as well as 4G capability. It is also expected to come with NFC, and an upgraded IOS 5 which includes cloud integration, voice interface, music streaming and an embedded tool for social networking. With NFC technology, users will b able to make payments when they wave the phone near devices with the capability to read the information in the phone. This will cause a revolution in the market, placing it at the top. It is also come with 1080p Full HD videos and panoramic photo capabilities, transforming how users will take and view their photos.

Apple iPhone 5- Gaming Features

Game lovers will also get to benefit a lot for iPhone 5 as it will feature strong gaming features that are supported by an A5 processor and PowerVR Series 6 mobile graphics architecture from Imagination Technologies, which has reported to license its latest processors to six partners.

While the anticipation of launch of Apple’s largest revenue provider slated for September, the pressure had been mounting after Apple decided not to unveil it in July as per its custom. The speculation is further fueled by the fact that it announced that the new version of the operating system would be available by this fall.  The main reason for failing to unveil the product in summer was that the device was not ready in time- according to some sources.

Apple iPhone 5- Release date

Meanwhile, some sources have even warned that the iPhone 5’s launch may be further delayed in case the production yield of Hon Hai Precision company- the company that assembles the iPhone for Apple has not improved.

Meanwhile, the competition to the iPhone 5 is increasing with the launch of phones with the Android OS. The rivalry between Apple and Samsung has gone notches higher, with the two companies accusing one another with infringement of its intellectual rights. Apple has filed a complaint against Samsung with the US International Trade Commission, hoping to stop the imports of Samsung tablets and smart phones. The complaint follows the request by Samsung asking the commission to exclude certain models of iPhones and iPad from the US market.

Despite all these, experts and market watchers believe that iPhone 5 sales will be moderate because the device will not come with a lot of changes in design or major improvements that will persuade owners of the current version to upgrade them.

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