Apple to launch revised version: Rumor or Reality

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According to BGR sources, Apple is launching a redesigned version of the apple iPhone. This will be initiated in the market by fall of the coming year.

iPhone 4S operating system on the Apple iPhone

It will be the first to have the iPhone 4S operating system, the latest among iPhone updating versions. Apart from this iPhone 4S to be launched in the fall, there are many more Apple products that are speculated to be launched by the middle of the coming year. Rumors inform that the iPhone with 4S version will be similar in looks to the iPad 2, with an aluminium panel black in color. The present iPhone has a glass back panel.

BGR reports of a rumor

BGR reports of rumour in the market. It reports that Apple has plans of making the cases in rubber or plastic, following the trend of other very popular cases of the company. The front edge of the phone will be bezel with rubber or plastic. It will serve a dual purpose. It will join the glass front to the aluminium back plate, and it will provide hold a redefined antenna system around the gadgets. The bezel setting will surely save the antenna from direct contact with the skin. Presently the aluminium case is available on the iPad 2 Wi-Fi models.

Apple iPhone 4S will be enabled with features like inclusion of an intelligent assistant that will take voice commands, called Siri. There will be a better experience while browsing the web because the iPhone 4S operating system is equipped with a dual core A5 processor for faster browsing and improved graphics. Better camera will be included that shoots 1080p of HD video on the iPhone. You will have the ability to store all of your data-photos, videos, documents- in the cloud.

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