Apple Launches Gaming Skin For iPhones and iPods

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Apple Inc. has always been trying to turn their iconic iPhone into a portable gamers’ device, and the introduction of the PowerSkin Gaming Skin for gadgets running on its operating system, the iOS, is taking the idea to a new level.

The newfangled use of smartphones as a gaming device is turning out to be a big catch. The PowerSkin Gaming Skin is a hardware package for an iPhone or iPod that enhances its capability as a gaming device and is available for iPhones and iPods across generations.


The PowerSkin Gaming Skin consists of a protective skin that is designed against nicks, and accidental drops. Even the fact that the gamers’ palm becomes wet with perspiration is also considered highly effectively in its design. You never use your grip again while you are playing a game due to sweat. The PowerSkin Gaming Skin is equipped with dedicated built in stereo speakers and support for vibrations for providing a more effective and fun filled gaming experience. The possibility of using the device battery more than normal has also been addressed, as if it is not, it would severely affect the battery life of the smartphone or the iPod. There is a battery on the gaming skin too which gets charged when you charge your iOS device by connecting to your notebook or wall charger. It effectively increased the gaming by another 10 hours at most.

Subbing For Gaming Consoles

The Gaming Skin for the iOS is quoted at a price of $99.99 at retail stores. The gaming console market already is seen to be shaken a bit. It remains to be seen that what the casual gamer may choose- a conventional gaming console from Nintendo or Sony, or the multi-purpose gaming device that also acts as your smartphone.

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