Apple leaps back into the market with latest smartphones

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Recent developments have revealed Apple’s potential once more. The market had been running a bit low for Apple in the recent past, due to the increased demand for the Android mobile devices. With the launch of the new iPhone 4S, Apple has secured its foothold back in the market. This meant a sharp decline in the sale of Android, the chief competitor for Apple.

Prior to introduction of iPhone 4S in the market, Apple’s sales had visibly reduced, and the company had a market share of 25.1 percent in October, 2011. The Q4 results in 2011 have pointed out Apple’s increase in market share. According to the Nielson report in December 2011, Apple now enjoys a whooping market share of 44.5 percent.

Smartphones have found its way into the hearts and pockets of a lot of people. After iPhone 4, the consumers were eagerly waiting for a 5 version. Apple didn’t disappoint them, but came out with the 4S version of mobile instead. It comes along with an improved processor and retina display. The software application Siri (virtual voice assistant) in the 4S also grabbed immediate attention of the masses.

The 4S is estimated to have increased the sale of iPhones by around 77 percent. The company sold around 37.04 million iPhones in the quarter.

Apple leaps back

Not only that, the reports also showed the Mac sales for Apple at around 5.2 million and iPads at 15.43 million. The company declared having a net profit of $ 13.06 billion.

Such a massive response for 4S amongst the smartphone users might have been due to the following reasons:

The existing iPhone users were awaiting the new entry. Around 70 % of the 4S buyers were iPhone upgraders.

The demand for the ‘used’ iPhones has also grown in the market, which meant that the existing iPhone customers could sell off their old mobile at a good price.

Consumers have largely acknowledged the benefits of using smartphones, than the other ‘feature’ phones.

Recent studies have revealed that amongst all smartphone users, 46.3 percent uses Android, followed closely by Apple users at 30 percent. Blackberry users are at 14.9 percent, and Microsoft Windows finds use with 4.6 percent of all.

Market researches have shown that Apple has still gained top 3 positions among the smartphone models which have sold well in October and November 2011, with its 4S, iPhone 4, and 3GS devices. The recent launch of the iOS, mobile operating system by Apple, has led the company once more into the competition with Android. Inspired by their market acceptance, Apple has even set a massive target for the next quarter. Tim Cook, CEO of Apple, has explained that, to increase the market acceptance for the iPhone, the company has lowered the cost to $99. Though not cheap, at least it is available at a reduced price.

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