Apple about to lunch iTunes Match

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World’s leading brand in the world of the Technology Apple Inc has confirmed that it is on the verge of the official launch of its brand new facility, iTunes Match. This is the service which will allow users to perform the ripped songs through Apple’s iCloud service.

Deleting Current iCloud Libraries

An email has been received by the programmers who are making the tests on the Beta version of this application which reads that they should remove their songs has been stored from the iCloud servers and Apple also expect them to make a back up data on their computers. Though this has happened earlier as well, this time the launch seems promising. As the report by John Paczkowski indicates that the company has said “We prepare for the launch of the iTunes Match, iCloud libraries will be deleted on 12the Nov at 10 AM PST.”

iTunes Match Services

The service of the iTunes Match costs $24.99 a year and is able to find the music that the user has ripped from the CD without purchasing from Apple by scanning its library. By cross checking the tunes in Apple’s Library, it tries to find the Match for it. If the Match is found, then they provide the license to the user of the same song quality had they bought it from the iTunes. The limit for this is up to 25000 Songs.

This attractive feature has been integrated with the iCloud service platform which makes it possible to run the things like ferry files, applications etc. This helps in matching the tracks and providing the license to the users in more effective way. This can make them likely to download the tracks to the device in spite of the fact that they are obtained using different gadgets. According to the earlier plans, this service was to be launched in October, but it did not work out so now it’s been a talk of the town till date.

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