Apple Plans Its Entry in the Cable TV Market

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 For this, Apple is reviving its aim for making the Apple TV set top box for the connection of cable TV. Apple wants to paunch its own, Live TV and for this several talks with the cable operators have been made although nothing has been finalized.

Project still as Hobby

Although, Apple has already sold around 4 million gadgets still they are labeling is as a hobby. Last July, Tim Cook, Apple executive while attending the conference said, “At this level, they will call it as a hobby but we are working hard to get it materialized. We always do the projects we believe we can.” He further said that they are calling it as a hobby because this is smaller as compared to the grandiose projects iPhones and iPads.

Apple is constantly making efforts to make Apple More attractive these years. To achieve the success Apple has added content to the projects Netflix, Hulu Plus, and NBA.

Cable TV Market as the Biggest Hurdle

Cable TV market has been the greatest hurdle, as Apple TV’s content was never embraced by it. Customers also go for other options as some of the popular TV remains difficult to catch on iTunes. The other strong reason is that the cable TV operators does not want to get Apple establish into the cable TV market, as they fear of losing their business.

On the other hand, rumors are spicing up that Apple is planning to launch a TV with fully integrated Apple TV into it, which will be cable compatible. It has also been announced that the new set-top box will allow users to watch their favorite shows anytime; moreover, the icons on

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