New Apple Store Opened in NYC Terminal

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The fifth Apple store in New York City was unveiled in the Grand Central Terminal (GTC). The GTC is the busiest terminal in the world with the traffic in a day of about 750,000. In the holidays, it goes up to a staggering 1 million people coming to the terminal. And soon the new Apple outlet has become the most crowded and the top selling retail chain store in the US.

How Apple Gains From a Store at the Terminal?

Apple has been reluctant to open any store in the town and the reason cited was that the foot traffic was not sufficient. The foot traffic is high enough even in the busy rush in the railway terminal, and that has made top consumer establishments and restaurants prosper in the GTC. The 23,000 square feet Beaux Arts Building has been hosting high profile retail outlets for a long time now, and Apple opening a store there is not a big deal. Skeptics, if they are to be believed, are of the view that the modern designing schemes of Apple may ruin the old building.

The Store and Customer Response

As expected the Apple store does not look different than any of its other outlets with aesthetically pleasing arrangement of laps, iPhones, and iPads in wooden tables. And in the backdrop of the Beaux architecture the store is a breathtaking sight with every space crowded with gadgets. The store has the usual Apple training sessions, 15 minute tutorials and workshops and the Genius Bar. Some new, innovative services include pre ordering and self-checkout. The store has opened to a rousing response among the commuters. Red shirt clad Apple employees were seen assisting customers in using the Apple Store App on their gadgets and presenting to them the features of all Apple products in this festive season.

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