Apple’s iPhone 5 Battery Appears to be Smaller

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"iPhone 5 Battery"

iPhone 5 Battery

With the iPhone5 coming next month, the rumor mill has picked up. The latest is about the new smartphone’s battery and is attributed to some leaked reports. According to 9to5Mac, the battery has the same size and shape as that of the iPhone 4/4S and surprisingly rated only marginally higher to run the bigger screen and the 4G LTE radio!

Low Battery Juice

The iPhones 5’s battery is rated at 1440mAh compared to the 1430mAh capacity of the iPhone 4/4S. The watt-hours rating have also gone up to 5.45Wh from 5.3Wh of the iPhone 4S and 5.25Wh of the iPhone 4. Another surprise is the increase in the voltage rating which has gone up to 3.8V from the traditional 3.7V that phones usually use.

The point is that using those new power hungry features like the 4G LTE and the larger display the battery life is a sure question mark. Take the Samsung Galaxy S III for instance which has a 2100mAh battery about 50 percent more, and yet when using 4G LTE of Verizon and AT&T lasts only a few hours.

Why the Oddity

Given Apple’s history of not compromising with user friendliness, 9to5Mac does not believe that the battery life may be the bane of iPhone 5. The new dual core system may be drawing less power and maybe Apple also going ahead with using Qualcomm’s Gobi chips that use less battery juice than the previous versions.

Let us just put an end to this discussion because these leaked photos may not be the iPhone 5’s. Look at the iPad and the MacBook Air and see how long and satisfying their battery lasts and it seems highly unlikely that your new iPhone gadgets will come with lower capacity batteries. Well, surely we will know about in a matter of a month!

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