ASUS Transformer Prime Tablet Comes Out on 19th December

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Finally, the much awaited ASUS tablet is all set to hit the stores this festive season. The manufacturers have officially confirmed that the Transformer Prime will come out earlier than expected this month after initial reports said it would come much later.

The shipments of the Transformer Prime are expected to reach the stores in the third week of December. The most attractive feature of the new tablet from ASUS is that it features a quad core processor. Firmware updates have already lined up for release.

Firmware Updates Ready to be Released

A FOTA image update version on the 12th of December. It will update the EC firmware which serves to enhance the battery life of the tablet. It will do that by optimizing the dock in a power saving mode. The firmware update also brings into the new tablet some performance improvements and solves most of the minor glitches in the ASUS product.

Tablet Trivia

Transformer Prime is made of Gorilla glass and radial spun aluminum and the only moving part being the removable cover for the ports, power/lock button and the volume bar. The back camera is 8MP with LED flash. The three modes of operation are balanced, power saving and normal high performance. The power saving mode is said to startle you with the battery life that it saves.

The ASUS Transformer Prime Tablet features quad core processor made by NVIDIA. The processor is Tegra 3 quad core mobile processor. Previous reviews and sample displays of the tablet have invoked much media attention and excitement in techies and customers alike. It is said to demolish the Android tablet market as it has proven to be superior in most aspects of the tablet user experience. Techies take it as a clearly proven competitor to Android slate gadgets.


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