Asus X401a Review

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"Asus X401a"

Asus X401a

The new Asus X401a laptop in the market is the best buy low-priced deal that is offered in the business at £300. The newest Asus apparatus is a state-of-the art system with an incredibly lightweight and easy-to-carry-around make that is available for a good price as per the laptop market range of products. The featherweight system has achieved the result of a 1.8 Kg weighing equipment, by removing from its construction the optical drive.

Priced Low but Housing Novel Features

The cost-effective laptop has an innovative finish and new design and color scheme with a black plastic matte finish body with almost hidden white polkas embedded on the surface. With a large keyboard size and 320 GB hard disk, the Asus X401a is the finest budget find in the market.

Pros and Cons

The concept of developing a model that caters to the needs of budget users realizes the theory through the fresh Asus model that integrates a 2.1 GHz Intel processor. With about five hours of battery life, the system is comparatively competitive.

The cost effective and short cuts employed to place the laptop in the budget category have resulted in the removal and addition of low-cost hardware and other features.

  • With non-existent optical drive, an external DVD drive is required to download high-memory software and files. The other option is to download data into USB disk or online storage.
  • The laptop cover when closed and opened sounds like a less-oiled door. The underside warmed up quickly when worked upon for a considerable time.
  • Games and other applications operate much slower.
  • The low-quality 1366 x 768 pi resolution on the 14-inch display screen is a low-profile facility.
  • The down-point cheap, quality material used for touchpad is not of a good make.

The Conclusion

The Asus X401a laptop has both beneficial and not-so-good features. The low price is the main competitive edging the brand has when compared with other higher-priced budget gadgets. The incorporation of not up-to-the-mark features is the main drawback in this new model. The users have to decide on what they look for in a cost-effective laptop.

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