Ban on cell phone use while driving

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Washington, Dec 14: USfederal agency as imposed a total ban on cell phone use while driving. This step was taken as a safety measure and one cannot talk in hands free mode even, while driving.

The law is for the independent US government

This effort has been taken to counter the increasing number of cases of car accidents while talking on the cell phone. With the newer gadgets hitting the market each day, people have increased their use of cell phones manifold. Deborah Hersman, National Transportation Safety Board Chairwomen, have discussed that people are ‘tempted’ to use their cell phones indiscriminately while on their desk and while at the steering. They may be updating their Face Book account casually, but they are driving which they seem to forget. It is now applied only under the independentUS government, and states are not affected by it.

States exempted but speculated to adopt soon

Although the states do not come in the arena of this law, yet it is speculated that many states will surely adopt this keeping in mind its benefits. Earlier many states did adopt graduated drivers licence for young drivers, and the drinking laws for youth. They have also made compulsory the airbag technology and high mount brake lights at the back of vehicles. Laws related to Commercial driver’s licence, and school bus standards were all first initiated under the federal government, and slowly it crept in other states. Some states, for the time being do, have certain cell phone rules related to novice drivers not using cell phones as in the District of Columbia and bus drivers not allowed when they have passengers, but there are no rules that normal drivers are to be forbidden. Rules like the ban on sending text messages are there in most of the states and this law will be an extension.

Hersman has said that since the driver cannot undo what he has done he must focus his eyes on the wheel and hands on the steering.

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