Barnes & Noble Slashed the Price of Nook GlowLight by $20

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"Nook GlowLight"

Nook GlowLight

Well you can now say that Barnes and Noble are not one of those to give up without putting up a fight for their products. With the imminent launch of Amazon’s new Kindle Paperwhite, Barnes and Noble have slashed down the price of their Nook Glowlight, to match that of the Paperwhite to put in a stiff competition for Amazon, which is definite to steal some of the sales off Amazon.

What is the new price then?

So what is the new price for the Nook Glowlight going to be? $119 is exactly what the basic model of the Kindle Paperwhite will cost. As most of the buyers would know, unlike the Kindle Paperwhite, the Nook Glowlight is advertisement free. Which means, like the Kindle, you do not have to pay anything in GlowLight to get rid of the advertisements? Moreover, since now it has slashed its price down to the same as that of the Paperwhite, it seems obvious that it will steal some of the sales of the Paperwhite.

What’s more, amusing to note is that this does not seem to be a one time or a limited period offer from Barnes and Noble. Although their listing for the Nook Glowlight still shows a price of $139, the Walmart online listing shows the price of $119. It might be a strategy to ship out all the existing Glowlight gadgets before the Paperwhite arrives, but then, buyers would not care about it as long as they are getting a Nook Glowlight for that price.

Delayed release of the Paperwhite

Demand for the upcoming Kindle Paperwhite has been so high that Amazon has had to delay the release date for the Paperwhite to 22 October, so that means Barnes and Noble have found themselves in an exact kind situation where they can get some nifty business done on the Nook Glowlight before the Paperwhite sets in.

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