Batch Uploading of Images and Videos Now in Dropbox 1.40

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Photo sharing service Dropbox has released Dropbox 1.40 for Windows, Mac, and Linux, which extends the image and video uploading tools popular in Android and iOS. The new release replaces the beta version of Dropbox the Dropbox Experimental edition.

dropbox 1.40

Dropbox for Android and Dropbox for iOS have been a hit sharing files by using hyperlinks and backing up your files using batch uploading. And now apart from the mobile gadgets, you can use Dropbox in your desktops and laptops too.

Uploading Files

Dropbox 1.40 now offers 2 GB free cloud storage memory for your images and videos by synchronizing with a dedicated Dropbox folder on your computer. The best thing about Dropbox is that it will automatically detect camera, SD card or phone plugged in to your system and offer to upload it to the free cloud storage of your Dropbox account.

Because batch uploading of files is supported in Dropbox 1.40 so now, you can back up your images and videos quickly and without the hassle and access it whenever you need it remotely. Remember that the photos are not optimized or resized when uploading, so your space may be consumed extremely quickly! If you are using the auto-upload feature of Dropbox for the first time you get a 500 MB reward and if you auto-upload a lot, you can get up to 3 GB free on top of your free 2 GB space.

Using Your Dropbox Files

Once uploaded, you can view them in the photos page of your Dropbox account. The photos will be displayed in large thumbnails and organized according, to the month of upload. Just gesture with the mouse to view details or click to download or view in full size. You can now share your photos using the link sharing facility provided by Dropbox. Premium services are available with cloud storage greater than 2 GB and support for multiple users for a nominal fee.

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