Battery Life Longest for Blackberry Smartphones

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Blackberry is way ahead of the lot when it comes to battery life of smartphones. So, for people in remote areas, who generate their own power, Blackberry is the phone to have in your pocket. It is for people who are off the power grid!

No one near the Battery Life of Blackberry

Blackberry gadgets have been found to have battery life for about a day while the phones, which comes somewhat, closer unto 7 hours is the Motorola Droid and Dell Streak, both of whom run on the Android platform. Blackberry phones draw remarkably little power than iPhone or android, however, it does not change the fact that it is difficult to get signal in a remote place. The research was devised by Laptop Magazine.

Why Blackberry is on the Way Out? Or, is it?

Blackberry has been a sort of standard for corporate entrepreneurs due to its various security features especially remote wiping of its memory if lost or stolen and its traditional user friendly thumb keyboard. But still Blackberry doesn’t have the tools to beat the usability of and iPhone or an Android handset. The Blackberry applications are not as dynamic or resourceful as Apple store or Android store apps.

Apple’s iPhone had started the smartphone revolution now taken to the masses by Android and has evolved as much as any adept technician would do. The power and variety of its app store that has apps for any use or service imaginable is astounding.

Google born Android has a strong app store, in addition, to being an open source OS. But it doesn’t have the simplicity of an iPhone or the security features of a Blackberry. The problem with Android is that the same type of product is marketed by many vendors in many different presentations. On the contrary, both Blackberry owned by RIM and Apple’s iconic iPhone are premium products with much research and manufacturing efforts behind them.

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