Beats by Dr. Dre Headphones – Noise Cancellation Technology

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"Dr. Dre Headphones"

Dr. Dre Headphones

The Beats by Dr. Dre Headphones is primarily designed with noise cancellation technology, which will escape outer disturbances, noises, sounds, and provide a sophisticated audio system with a secure ear cups. Beats by Dr.Dre Studio are extremely stylish and gives a ravishing stylish looks with an excellent audio system.

These are portable, folded, and the ear cups are padded in a leatherette material for a comfortable fit to the ears. The metal support band within the headband discloses a seam on each side to expand and similar metal accent inside the headband with a thin ring around each ear cup.


The outside of ear cups consists of a metallic disc with a mute button labelled red-letter “b” on right ear cup. Monster includes various accessories in the slick, red packing. Moreover, two thick 3.5mm audio cables each measuring 4feet long.

  • Red one for standard mp3 players
  • Black one for music phones with a built-in mic

A double-pronged airplane adapter and a quarter inch adapter are there for the use of home audio system along with hard-shell carrying case with an attached Carabineer. Beats by Dr. Dre headphones comes with a cleaning cloth and AAA batteries.


The most striking feature of Dr. Dre headphones is its excellent noise cancellation technology. The headphones have extremely comfortable ear cups with the Mute button on right ear cup. This device is compact and easy to carry and comes with i-phone mic card.


However, the device is highly effective, but the customers reported some problems of sound leakage. Moreover, its brightness will ruin easily, it is quite expensive, and it has to be attached with the batteries only as it will not work without batteries.


Beats by Dr. Dre Headphones is extremely comfortable, soft and lightweight. The sound qualities at low volumes are excellent, and at higher volumes, it will not be entirely private because of sound leakage.

However, for music lovers the beats by Dr.Dre Studio are worth to buy.

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