Five Best Android Phones

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The Android world offers fast and reliable phones. With a variety of options for buyers to choose from, it is important they select the best choice. While each comes with its own unique features and benefits, there are some models which offer high benefits compared to others.  Some of the best Android phones currently available in the market include the following.

  • 4G HTC Inspire

4G HTC Inspire

While the HTC does not come with a dual core processor that is synonymous with other Android phones, it is among the best devices (best Android Phones) that come at an affordable price.  The user interface is the best in the market and especially to new Android phone users. It comes with an internal memory of 4GB, HSPA 4G + support and a pixel display of 480 by 800.

  • 4G Motorola Atrix

4G Motorola Atrix

When Motorola launched its line of Droid phones they caused major rippled and AT & T had a difficult time catching up. For this reason the Motorola Atrix is ranked among the best Android phones currently available in the market. It comes with an internal memory of 16GB, fingerprint reader, HSPA plus support and Tegra 2 processor among others. It is also fairly priced and this only serves to increase the appeal it created in the market.

  • G2x T-Mobile

G2x T-Mobile

The T-Mobile is from LG and considering the benefits associated with it, it is easy to see that LG has also gotten into the league of high quality best Android phones. It comes with a 1GHz dual processor and also comes with several appealing specs that make it an ideal choice. It is extremely fast and this satisfies the needs of many consumers and the HDMI mirroring is the best the best in the industry. With this phone, users don’t have to fret about aspects such as mirroring. It is perfect for individuals who live within an area that is covered by T-mobile.

  • 4G HTC Thunderbolt

HTC Thunderbolt

This is for those individuals who want to be part of the cutting edge. This is because it is known as the first phone with the capability of tapping into the generation of 4G LTE network. 4G HTC Thunderbolt is already up and running in many states. It comes with a battery that lasts for a long duration and what is more, it is also known to have the best type of coverage worldwide.

S 4G Google Nexus

This is from sprint EVO and it is designed for individuals who are looking for an option that offers them a fully functional best Android phones. It is co-designed with the help of Google and for this reason it delivers a different Android experience. It is the only one in the market that comes with the 2.3 Android. With the update adds it makes it possible to update the graphical enhancements and manage some core features such as battery management. More importantly, the Nexus also boasts of having WiMax 4G Sprint capabilities and this is what places it among the best Android phones currently available in the market.

 By choosing the best Android phones in the market, you get the chance to make using android the best experience ever. Therefore, make sure you weigh your options carefully.

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