Best Buy Joining Staples to sell Surface Tablets

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"Surface Tablet"

Surface Tablet

Best Buy now joins Staples and will sell Microsoft surface tablet that was only available in online stores and in Microsoft’s stores. Best Buy says that the surface tablet will be available from 16 December while Staples started on Wednesday. This turns out to be more beneficial for Microsoft and its Windows RT OS that is a tile based as the surface tablet gains more exposure to the customers.

Microsoft Surface Tablet

A 32 GB version of this surface tablet is priced $499. This does not include a keyboard cover. When the touch keyboard cover is included, the cost of the gadget goes up to $599.99. For 64 GB version with a cover, the cost is $699. Surface tablet with a cover becomes the fit gadget for educational and business purposes. The surface tablet currently available in the stores does not run on the Windows programs but on the apps downloaded from Microsoft’s stores. This criterion is getting criticism that the tablet can never be replaced the laptop that is used for work.

Scott Anderson, a Best Buy executive said that, until now, consumers have heard about the Microsoft Tablet, but now the time has come for consumers to experience it.

A preloaded version of Microsoft office is available in this tablet. However, the tablet does not have enough software as in full-blown computers that use the Window’s programs.

Wrap Up

Microsoft’s surface tablet can be used for more than browsing the web and emailing. Education and business customers can be benefitted most by the Surface. With Best Buy selling it now, more customers can get an access to this tablet says Scott Anderson, an executive of Best Buy. Microsoft will launch full version of the surface tablet that uses Windows 8 desktop OS next year. This gadget will be priced $899.

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