Canon EOS 60D Digital Camera Review

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Canon EOS 60D

Canon EOS 60D

Canon EOS 60D compact SLR camera gives you stunning quality pictures and videos and works wonderfully in low light conditions too. It is a starter level DSLR camera with all the advanced features with superb resolution, full HD video capturing, and good dim light photos. The new build has a better weather resistant, a directional pad, and a wireless flash transmitter. It supports SD cards for improved memory and the higher capacity SDXC cards too.

The 18 MP DSLR camera comes with all the professional features like image leveling, stabilization and autofocus. The flash feature further allows superb dim light shoots. The main features of the digital SLR camera are given below:

• Sensor- APS-C CMOS 14.9 x 22.3 mm

• Lens- 29 to 216mm F/3.5

• Resolution- 18 MP

• LCD- vari-angle 3:2 aspect ratio 3 inch LCD

• Video- 1080p at 24 to 50 fps recording

Pros and Cons

The 18 MP CMOS sensor is what makes the Canon EOS 60D such an attractive choice for an entry level DSLR camera. ThCe image processing DIGIC 4 engine ensures crisp and clear images. The variable angle LCD screen is an extremely useful feature that allows you to focus from different angles from a direction. This is immensely helpful for shooting pictures from real, difficult positions. There is an image leveling option too. Another novel feature is the dial lock, which enables you to lock the settings from unintentionally changing. The advantage of shooting videos at 1080p at 50 fps or 24 fps is simply attractive.

The Canon 60D externals are not made of metal and is still sufficiently sturdy to carry around- and sadly it is not weather proof. However, it is lightweight and easy to take around with you. Because it is not weather proof, you cannot use it in beaches, underwater and pools.

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