Canon EOS 60D Review

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The Canon XOD series has been very popular among photography enthusiasts. Each model in this series offers good specifications. One of the most notable aspects about this camera is that its format is more compact compared to other models. Polycarbonate on an aluminum chassis is used as a body material for this model. It also weighs about 70g less than its predecessor. Canon EOS 60D cannot be considered to be an entry level camera because of its high quality specifications.

Canon EOS 60DCanon EOS 60D camera has filled the gap that existed between the 550D and EOS  7D cameras. There are several features that make it different from the previous models. It is a an DSLR camera designed for enthusiastic photographer who wants something that offers more features.  Some of the key features on this camera include:

  • 18MP APS-C CMOS sensor
  • 5.3 fps
  • 1080p High Definition video recording
  • SDCX, SD and SDHC storage
  • In-camera development
  • Ambiance modes
  • In-camera special effects
  • 3.0 inch screen

 Canon EOS 60D : Why Choose the 60D over the 50D?

The Canon EOS 60D supports video recording which was not available in the 50D. The camera offers full HD video with 24, 25 and 30 fps. These specifications are suitable for emerging photographers. It comes with a vari-angle display which folds out sideways. This is an ideal feature which makes the camera suitable for taking photos or videos from difficult angles.

It has a high quality display with a unique coating to prevent fingerprints. The display is also water resistant and has a high resolution of 1.040.000 dots. This resolution offers beautiful representations. The display image ratio is 3:2 compared to the 50D’s 4:3 ratio.

The Canon EOS 60D has lost a lot of image speed when it comes to action photography and it can only offer 5.3 frames each second. Its image speed is adequate and it is suitable for this kind of camera. Another great feature for the 60D is its light metering. It has a 63-zone dual layer metering sensor which makes its light metering more accurate. The metering is based on color analysis, focus information and luminance.

The Canon EOS 60D is easy to handle because of its compact design. If you have used a camera from the EOS series before, you will notice a change in some of its ergonomic details but for first time users, it only takes a short term to learn how to use the camera. The control elements and functions are easy to find.

This camera supports the SDXC memory card. Canon cameras already support SDHC and SD cards and the SDXC support makes it possible for the camera to allow 2TB of storage capacity. The device can use both the 64 and 48GB SDXC flash memory cards and this capacity is doubled each year.

Another amazing aspect in the Canon EOS 60D is its image processing capability. The camera allows RAW conversion and extensive creative filters. It is possible to change shots stored in JPEG formats. Canon EOS 60D allows a photographer to to accurately determine the consequences of specific image processing.

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