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Verizon Wireless is all set to acquire wireless data spectrum at a staggering $3.6 billion from three cable companies- Bright House Networks, Timer Warner Cable, and Comcast.

The transfer of spectrum licenses will totally rearrange the rights to air spectrum. The sale of the spectrum is only now to be approved by the government now. We are moving to a situation when finally one can have their cable TV, cell phone, broadband, and land phone coming together in a single monthly bill.

The Agreement

A mutual agreement between the cable companies and Verizon was announced on Friday which would mean that each side will market for the other’s products from now for creating an atmosphere for the merger of the spectrum. The cable companies will market Verizon Wireless and not create their own wireless service, while in exchange Verizon will market the cable companies in their local presence. The deal is expected to be completed by mid 2012. Federal Communications Commission (FCC) will be reviewing the spectrum transfer and the Justice Department will also put in its thoughts on the issue.

Cable and Wireless Technology to be Integrated

There are also plans for creating a new technology of integrating cable and wireless gadgets. So expect your phone sets and TV to be synchronized for parallel usage. That means if you were watching a streaming video on your smartphone and then when you reach home, it could be viewed on your TV.

But even after the merger, you won’t get a single utility bill for the whole thing. If you go for Verizon Wireless and any one of the cable service offered by the cable companies we are talking about, you would still receive two bills. This is because, sadly, you can give out a single bill only after 4 years of the deal.

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