Now Completely Revamped iTunes 11 is ready for you

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Apple is ready to come up with something new and exciting soon- iTunes 11; as they quoted it. As per company, it would sport very simple to use media player, redesigned iTunes Store along with amazing iCloud features that users might love to use.

Well, while showcasing this new iTunes 11 update on the event of iPhone 5 launch on Sep 12, 2012 they pledged that it will be available by the end of Oct; but nothing till now. Then, Apple’s spokesperson reported that iTunes 11 is taking some additional time than anticipated because they want to make it more functional and without any bugs.

Today on 20 Nov, they have released iTunes 11 for both Mac devices as well as PCs which is available for download from Apple’s official website; however, OS X users can directly get this update through Mac App Store.

In order to run this latest iTunes version, the Mac gadget users are required to have at least OS X version of 10.6.8 and PC users are required Windows XP 2 or above that may be 32 or 64 bit versions of further Windows OS like Windows 8, Vista or 7.

Obviously, the Mac version is superior to the Windows version of this update. However, at first glance it looks like absolutely revamped – from its look, design to its logo too. Now its logo carries a spiffier metallic gaze.

Furthermore, iTunes 11 now sports the scrolling animated look which applies on almost every new item which is added. A history button stores the history of the iTunes stuffs which you have looked for recently; you can preview and purchase these stuffs too which you see under history button.

Further improvements have been introduced especially in user interface (which offers standard UI; especially for OS X users), library look and functionality and iCloud services offered by Apple.

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