Countdown Begins for Samsung Galaxy Note 2 Release

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"Samsung Galaxy Note 2"

Samsung Galaxy Note 2

The latest in the list of prospective new version gadget-release contenders is Samsung with its upcoming Galaxy Note 2 device. The previously released Galaxy Note mobile device is a design by itself with the manufacturers selling it as a Note, not akin to a tablet or phone. The inspiration to produce a gadget that acts like a notebook alongside internet connectivity features created a unique slot in the market for a gadget of its kind.

Samsung Galaxy Note 2

Samsung Galaxy Note 2 is believed to be a notable upgrade of its earlier successful version. It is said to house a 5.5 indestructible screen, quicker processor, and camera with increased pixel strength. According to the company, this device is likely to be released at the Samsung event in Berlin on 29 August of this year, just two days prior to the official IFA opening. The market sales are presumed to rise more as with the earlier Galaxy Note version that witnessed sales two-times more than that of Apple’s iPhone, the previous year.

Other Tablets from Samsung

Besides the release of Galaxy Note 2 (N7100 model), it is anticipated that Samsung will also release its Galaxy S3 11.8 tablet. Estimated to be the picks of the season, these two Samsung gadgets, are expected to dominate among all approaching mobile devices releases. The main competitors for the market sales title of the current year are Samsung and Apple. The release of Apple’s iPhone 5 and iPad Mini is predicted to occur at the same release time as Samsung’s gadgets.

It is a gala time for consumers as they get to choose their desired mobile device from a wide range of forthcoming gadget releases. Pick and choose the latest Samsung gadgets as per

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