Dropbox- An Android Applictation for your Gadgets

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Dropbox is a free application for file synchronization between multiple gadgets apps- your desktops, laptops, smartphones and tablets and if desired with a remote storage space. The wide array of devices used makes the need for a synch app a must. The dedicated Dropbox Android app works in conjunction with its version in desktop and mobile platforms.


The free file synch application has an extremely basic interface with fast synching & uploading across all platforms and devices. The remote storage space up to 2 GB is free of cost, and if you need more, it is cost-effective. The offline mode is accomplished, and Dropbox allow multiple files at the same time. One downside is that you cannot move the files among your folders. A text editor is also provided to the app users. Overall, it is free, easy to use, and allows offline file access.

Using Dropbox

Dropbox for Android is obviously tied to the Web account at Dropbox servers. Free accounts are limited to 2 GB of storage, Pro 50 gets 50 GB of storage at $9.99 per month, and Pro 100 gets 100 GB of storage at $19.99 per month. Five user plans gives you 350 GB at $795 a year and for adding more users, it takes $125 per person. Sharing using Dropbox is easier than ever. Just highlight the file to be shared, and click share to email or copy the link for the file to be shared. The Dropbox for iPad is extremely similar to the Android app with the interface working in almost the same way with minor differences. The Android version of the application is designed with a single screen approach, as opposed to the iPad app, which may look clutter. The iPad Dropbox has a scrollable sidebar and the position of Favorites, Settings and Upload icons are different.

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