Elder Scroll 5 will Keep you Enthralled

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If you want to meet some real gaming experience you can try playing Skyrim.

It will pull your time away, and you will spend less time on social networks that on eerie and dreary atmosphere of Tamreil! Tougher enemies and newer challenges, this is what elder scroll 5 is all about. Other gaming options are only the tip of the ice berg; if you want to delve in the excitement of real gaming experience you must try Skyrim.

The storyline

The player begins as the only surviving dragon hunter who have to keep the entire region from the dragon. He has to tackle dragons, overcome magic spells, and of course Zombies who have been part of all the Elder Scrolls. The most striking feature is the choice of following another storyline still continuing to fight the true enemies; Meaning a side plot with the main plot! What is more, noteworthy is that you need skill as well as promptness or you may miss out the perks that you may unlock. You will have to jump over moving ice sheets, and you need a compass for direction finding.

The graphics

The locale is the North Pole with its exotic natural beauty. Northern lights light up the sky and often new challenges sneak out of the ice sheets, just as in the genre of a Bethesda software production! Graphically it is far more advanced than its predecessor Oblivion. A list of options of the gadgets or weaponry you can use is displayed so that you can choose from it. New weapons along with some fantastic 3-D effects, this is what steals your time! It can make you into an addict, and you will still continue playing it with your Xbox 360.

It can take you a long time to explore the entire main plot and side plot but one thing; for sure it can keep you engrossed for hours together.

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