An essential review of iPad dimensions

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From time to time, there are new releases of different generations of iPad. Originally, people have Ipad, and then here comes iPad 2, and so on. Hence, as a gadget lover there is specific things that you need to take into account in choosing your gadget, especially iPad. First, you need to consider the iPad dimensions. There are gadget lovers who are very particular with the size as well as other features.


 iPad dimensions

Product features and descriptions

Originally, iPad dimensions are 9.56 × 7.47 × .528 inches – 243 × 190 × 13.4 mm. Ipad 2 dimensions are 9.5 × 7.31 × .346 inches – 240 × 186 × 8.8 mm. Ipad screen dimensions is basically 9.7 inches FCS or fluid crystal screen. It comes with a damage proof glass and fingerprint resilient. To understand better, the iPad has a height of 9.56 inches. It has a width of 7.47 inches, depth of 0.5 inches, and a weight of 1.5 pounds for WiFi model, and 1.6 pounds for WiFi plus 3G models. Between Ipad and Ipad 2, the largest screen is the Ipad 2. It has a wider screen that facilitates proper viewing.

All iPads have essentially the same feature and iPad dimensions. Most of the time, they vary greatly on the weight depending on the network connectivity feature as well as on the carrier. In general, iPad has an average weight of 50 grams.

The New iPad dimensions


When it comes to iPad dimensions, the iPad 2 is obviously thinner compared to other types of tablet computers. It also boasts the performance of the front and rear cameras. The good thing is that it is supported by several features like the Face Time Video chat, 3G options for major telecommunication companies like Verizon and AT&T. the iPad dimensions as well as the weight varies mostly depending on the carrier. For example, the Ipad for AT&T weights six grams more than the one on Verizon. The price of the iPad also varies depending on the iPad dimensions. Basically, the slimmer, thinner, and the wider the screen, the more expensive it may appear.


The downfall of the iPad is that the resolution of the screen has not budged. The quality of the photo is mediocre. Although it is thinner, it doesn’t provide much port for HDMI, no Adobe Flash support, and the SD slots would require adapters. It also has an odd screen size that works well in portrait, but not applicable on landscape view. You will also get black bars when you are watching a movie. That’s mainly the downfall of iPad.


Indeed, iPad is a spectacular device. The display and the iPad dimensions have significantly improved in so many ways. The device is stunningly beautiful. It has refined an already existing excellent product. The interface is user-friendly. The new look of iPad has defined the new function and features. Connecting to the internet is way easy compared to the old ones. With the iPad, you will be able to enjoy a speedy connection as well as a beautiful looking picture.

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