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Everything.me App: Offering Cross Platform Applications on Gadgets | Gadgets Market

Everything.me App: Offering Cross Platform Applications on Gadgets

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Today, it’s the time of continuous technological innovations where we see technological wonders everyday in our life. Till now, we have to download and install the gadget applications in our gadgets in order to access them but there is a startup in the process which will let you access the mobile applications directly from the cloud without installing it on the gadgets.

Everything.me, has caught the notice of biggies’ eyes because of its innovative concept. This HTML5 based unique application is able of offer cross platform capability to other app developers. Today, there are different versions are available for different operating systems like Android, WebOS, iOS and Windows RT and even more, there are different versions of the same update for the same application so that it could be compatible with all the running OS.

So far, the big tech companies have come forward to support everything.me application and Mozilla Firefox is the latest one. Recently, the official blog of the company has informed that they too are onto the platform development along with the team which is developing everything.me mobile application.

Since, every application developer wants to get its app being a cross platform one and Mozilla too isn’t an exception. Mozilla is looking forward to launch its OS in 2013 and working to make it compatible with this application.

What everything.me will do is when you will search some app on it then it will directly connect you to the app, which is installed on cloud already. Even more, you can see other native applications on search result pages and check anyone of them too.

The experts in this field are taking this application as a revolutionary technology which will be offering a breakthrough in the field of application development for different gadgets running on different operating systems.

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