Expectations from iPhone 5

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With the Apple iPhone being loved by millions globally, it is assumed that many owners of past generation iPhones are greatly anticipating the release of the 5th installment in the iPhone series. While the iPhone 4S offered wonderful features not seen in the original iPhone 4, it was merely an improved spin off of the 4th. However, there are amazing features to be expected, anticipated, and desired by millions of Apple fans. While no one is quite sure of the features of the 5th gen iPhone, there are a few features that we could quickly assume we will see.

Morphing Its Form

As of lately, the notion of a new look for the iPhone has been entertained widely by many iPhone enthusiasts. In the 4th installment of devices in this enormously popular Apple product, there was a slight modification to the iPhone’s appearance; there were boxier lines present, giving it a slightly more modern feel. With Apple’s newfound relationship with LiquidMetal, many are anticipating a complete makeover for the iPhone’s appearance. This company has previously developed a metal alloy that can be molded into a singular shape, instead of using many pieces of metal to compose a single skeleton for the iPhone. This will give the iPhone a more streamlined appearance.

Bringing the Battery Power to New Heights

As every iPhone owner knows, the battery lifeof an iPhone is not exactly its prize winning feature; unfortunately, the battery life sucks in all honesty. Since this has been an ongoing problem with iPhones, it is widely believed that this issue will be the next in line to be addressed by Apple. While it is possible that a new, thinner appearance could be unveiled with the next iPhone, this can have a trivial effect on the phone’s battery. While they have yet to improve the battery life at all, they could be preparing to introduce a revamped battery into the iPhone. One that could not only match a thinner phone, but also provide a charge-life that can knock the socks off of all its predecessors.

Improving the Screen

The wide abundance of smartphones have led to several mutations across many different brands. Android phones are perhaps more common than the iPhone, and have a wider array of features. One of which are the abnormally large screens. Currently, and in the past, the iPhone has been unable to rival these larger screen sizes. It is unknown whether or not they will alter the screens dimensions, but it is safe to say there is a chance it will be slightly larger in the newest iPhone. With the possibility of a new skeleton, they may decide to introduce an edge to edge screen. There is also one other trait that iPhones are famous for, even though it is a blow to their reputation: easily busted screens. There are so many horror stories of cracked and split iPhone screens that it is not even funny. Apple is working to greatly improve the strength of the iPhone’s screen, so that this will become a less alarming issue for iPhone owners.

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