Facebook for Android gone ahead

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Facebook for Android has gone ahead of Facebook for iPhone in DAU, daily active user. Since its arrival iPhone enjoyed better attention from Facebook but matters, seem to change.

The contention

The two were contending remarkably close until the android app went ahead with 58.8 million DAU as compared to iPhone app with 57.6 million DAU according to app data sources. In other terms, the most popular app on the android is used by more users than the most popular app on iPhone. Yet Facebook for Android has lesser MAU, meaning monthly active users than Facebook for iPhone. While the MAU, for Facebook for android has 86.1 million, MAU that for Facebook for iPhone is 99.5 million MAU. Viewing the matter from another angle this means increasing number of people are using the app daily on the Android than the iPhone gadget. It can be inferred in other way- in between both the gadgets that have Facebook app, the android is more used than the iPhone.

Facebook in iPhones and Androids

iPhone was launched in July 2008, and a year later, the first android was launched in September 2009. Since then, Android is trying hard to rule the smart phone market, and it is almost two years of trying to do so. Unlike the other platforms, Facebook makes the apps suited for iOS and Android. In respect of iOS, Facebook in available on iPod Touch and iPhones. It is only two months since Facebook is available in on iPads. For Androids, Facebook is only available on smartphones, and there is no adaptation for tablets. Android users are still not satisfied with the state of Facebook app, although it is advancing. Now that, the Android version is surpassing the iPhone version, may be Facebook will channel more attention on the Android.

Until lately, whenever there was a new feature added to the Facebook, it was first available on the iPhone. But this time it seems different. Mobile Timeline as an app for Facebook was first included in the Android and then in iPhone.

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