Facebook Charging in 2011 Rumours Held False By Facebook Home Page

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Is Facebook going to charge users for its service from 2011 onwards? Do we all have to subscribe to the Facebook money plan in order to use this service further? These are some of the Facebook charging in 2011 rumors. Facebook…Charged service…New Subscriptions…These are some terms that we all are hearing since last few days. The Facebook charging in 2011 rumors are actually spreading even today like fire over the World Wide Web to inform users about the drastic step to be taken by this social networking giant. However, the good news is that Facebook itself has announced that it will take ‘no charges’ and that the service will remain free. There is no plan of charging the customers at any cost.

Facebook Charging

The Spread of Facebook Charging in 2011 eRumor

 This time the rumor for Facebook sparked via several group messages and feeds on Facebook pages as well as via emails, which stated that this social networking giant will now be charging its members. The fees might go up to £$14.99 per month. Further, most of us came across a new price grid for members, which was as follows:

“Facebook have introduced their price grid for $6.99 for silver member services per month, $9.99 for gold member services per month, and $3.99 for bronze member services per month. However, one can get rid of these services by copying and pasting this message before midnight. When you will sign in the next day morning, a prompt for payment info will appear.”

Further, even the news channels such as The Weekly World News have revealed of Facebook charging users.

Proving the Rumor as False

Although Facebook has not officially reacted to the rumor, we know that the home page still mentions of its free service. You can find this out by visiting the home page after logging out. The Facebook charging in 2011 rumors sparked after this famous site made a few modifications. So, it might be due to these changes that the rumors got the sustenance to spread. However, an official Facebook page of the September month revealed that Facebook has plans to charge its users and that the service will always remain free. Moreover, Facebook does not get benefit for charging a subscription fee. This is because it generates most of its revenue from the ads viewed by over 800 million active users.

Concluding Lines…

 Let me tell you that this is not for the first that people have been surprised by the rumors that convey the message of charging users for using an online service. In the past, some famous money charging rumors were for ICQ as the first instant messenger, Yahoo, MySpace, and MSN. In their cases, the rumors were spread on a weekly basis to shock people about the service getting charged in near future. And now, such rumors have hit Facebook. And I am sure that this one regarding the Facebook is not going to be the last one. SO, what next? Google+? Well, this time do not believe it at all!


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