Faster, modern, Quad-core phones are unveiled by LG, HTC

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Barcelona a city known for its, fresh tablets, Speedier phones and information for all mobile things. In addition, now it is a center of wireless universe, where more than 60 thousand people attended the MWC annual gathering this week.

About Mobile world congress:-

This gathering held at Spanish palace and about thousands of developers and exhibitors were allured by the show. In addition, executive headliners like, Jr. Facebook, CTO Bret Taylor, Cisco’s -John Chambers, William Clay Ford from Ford Motor’s, Nokia’s -Stephen Elop and Google’s- Eric Schmidt, were scheduled to direct their speech.

At the end of this week, it is expected that Microsoft will unveil “Windows 8 consumer preview.”

LG announced to launch new quad-phone of 4X HD-

In this device based event, a huge variety of gadgets including thinner -phones will be displayed, many of the quad-core with more- strong innards. The brand new quad-core phone was announced by LG i.e. 4XHD LG Optimus with Android 4.0 OS, proved to be the recent version of mobile-OS usually known as ICS (Ice Cream Sandwich). LG is also showing-off smartphone and tablet based device similar to that of Samsung Galaxy Note.

HTC and AT&T announced to launch quad-core- HTC One X-

HTC teamed with AT&T gearing-up, to launch new 1Xquad-core-HTC. This device is expected to arrive at this upcoming spring, will run LTE network. The handset will be made available globally and will rival against iPhone 4S and includes impressive features with the auto-focus ability within a blink of eye and capability to -shoot in .7 sec.

Sony Mobile discloses to launch two Android-smartphones; Xperia U and Xperia P. Previously they announced to launch Xperia S as a smartphone branded under Sony, since the time Sony took for the Sony Ericsson joint venture. The phone includes all the essential features of Sony with “transparent element” band, which encircles phone base and blink light when you receive text, notification, or call.

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