Foxconn to manufacture own branded smartphones for Amazon and Microsoft

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According to the Digitimes reports, Foxconn is going to manufacture a limited number of smartphones for Amazon as well as Microsoft and showcase them on sales 2013. Many analyst predictions as well as news media reports state that Microsoft is introducing its own brand of smartphones due to the abundance of Windows Phone 8 and Microsoft Surface Tablet. Foxconn Electronics is the parent company of Foxconn International Holdings and it has declined the comment which stated that Amazon and Microsoft have not responded to the comments as well as requests from eWEEK.

According to the news site, the own branded handsets of Amazon and Microsoft will be shipped in a limited volume and they will soon prove out to be a new and innovative business model for the mobile manufacturers in future. Foxconn is actually a contract manufacturer and it is renowned for manufacturing various electronic products.

Some of these electronic products include devices from ZTE, Nokia, Lenovo, Sony and other popular smartphones like Apple iPhone. There are many speculations about Microsoft that have been circulating in the market after the introduction of the surface (the first tablet computer) by the company.

According to the Digitimes Research, Microsft is building its own smartphone and this could upset the relationships with the OEM partners. OEM Partners is the current original equipment manufacturer and it makes devices that are generally used for running Windows Phone 8. It is important for you to note that the Microsoft’s launch of own branded smartphones might reduce the overall support for the Window Phone Platform. This support is mainly provided by the hardware vendors.

Well, Microsoft’s launch will serve like a key factor and help the Windows Phone in becoming the third major platform in this segment. Google Android and Apple iOS are the leading smartphone platforms and on the other hand, Nokia manufactures smartphones that work on Windows platform. HTC and Samsung are also renowned for manufacturing WP8 gadgets and other devices that operate on Android platform.

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