Gadget Comparison: MS Surface Tab Vs Kindle Fire HD

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"MS Surface Tab Vs Kindle Fire HD"

MS Surface Tab Vs Kindle Fire HD

Cyber Monday is coming around and many gadget lovers are waiting for shopping their favorite gadgets; especially the tabs. However, Apple is the current leading players in tablet market but recently Microsoft, with Surface, and Amazon with kindle have put the tight competition forth.

Here is a comparison in between Surface and Kindle HD tablet. Both of these featured tabs have been launched in the same moth – Oct, 2012.

Dimension and Weight:

The Kindle Fire HD 8.9 inch tablet offers the dimensions of 9.45”X6.46”X0.35” (Length X Width X Depth). However, the Surface tablet from Microsoft carries the dimensions of 10.81”X6.77”X0.37” (Length X Width X Depth).

The weight of the Kindle Fire HD tab is approx 0.25 lbs less than Surface tab.

Screen Display:

While Surface tablet sports a screen display of 10.6 inches along with 1366X768 pixels resolution and the 148 ppi, the Amazon’s tab has 8.9 inches of screen display as display in its name too. Additionally, the ppi of Kindle HD is 254 and it has 1920X1200 pixles resolution.


In terms of storage both the tabs have different pros and cons. If you go with Surface then two different models are available for 32 and 64 GB internal storage, however, both of them carry the RAM of two Giga Bytes.

Same as Surface, Kindle Tab is available in two models of same internal memories but here the RAM is a bit less that is of 1 GB. And, as iPad Mini there isn’t any external slot for memory card available.

Other Specs:

Kindle only has front facing cam however surface offers both the front as well as rear cams. Additionally, Kindle doesn’t support video recording while Surface has this facility. In wireless connectivity both the tablets offer the same capabilities though.

The main difference lies in Operating Systems; in case of Kindle Fire HD tab OS is Android 4.0 ICS, however, in case of Surface it’s using the latest Windows RT.

Also, there are color variations available for Surface: Dark Titanium and a slight color variation, however, no color choice is available with Kindle Fire. And as everyone knows, Kindle Fire is quite cheaper if compared with Surface.

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