The Gadget Era: biggest search engine’s latest gadget!

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A new era of technology includes all the different kinds of gadgets of modern technologies. Google has played its trick to win mobile war. A makeover for a mobile phone including a smart operator, website, music download store etc. Expresses how bright future of Google in this gadget field is!

The Smartest Smartphone

Google’s smartphone has android website and music store which are the latest smartest implements. The mobile phone named Samsung galaxy nexus is the smartest android smartphone with the “android ice-cream sandwich” software and around 4.65 inches HD screen plus android 4.0 operator.

The newly arrived Google music store is truly much like to apple’s itunes but certainly has a twist to it. You can get the music files online which is easily accessible through mobile phone also, and Google will do the rest of the work like syncing, storing etc. Google’s technique on winning this war doesn’t stop here! It includes a “one song free per day” also in the android market place.

So, free songs are easily accessible provided you have a Google music account and an android market place on your mobile phone. You can also share the purchased music file, but for that, you need a Google+ account.

Cherry on the icing:

Google has introduced the android website to provide a sneak peak to android’s features.

Android = Honeycomb + Gingerbread

Google’s android’s features are clearly a sum of these two operators. Google still maintains its lead against apple and Microsoft with its most powerful and popular feature- Android! Google’s new trick to win at this is so working! In the gadget field as of now: Google takes the lead! In this gadget era where everything could be run by technology, news on technology is necessary. So, as of now Google stands no. 1 in the gadget arena!

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