Galaxy S3 Model Spotted on Samsung Website

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The Samsung Galaxy S3 will not be featuring in the Mobile World Congress in 2012 according to The Verge. This comes as a disappointment to fans eagerly waiting to buy the third generation of Galaxy S gadgets. They will instead make its international debut somewhere in April this year.

Why the Delay?

Industry experts are of the view that Samsung is not keened on launching the Galaxy S3 as early as in the Mobile World Congress due to what happened when it launched the second-generation Galaxy S devices last year. Despite and MWC launch in February 13 2011, the Samsung Galaxy S2 could be made available around the world only with much delay. Europe got it three months later in May, while North America got it only in July. The Samsung Galaxy S2 was not launched in the US until September 2011. Therefore, for obvious marketing reasons, Samsung has made up its strategy not to go for the MWC release, as sources believe, for quicker worldwide release after unveiling.

What the S3 May Bring?

A device believed to be the Galaxy S3 has been listed as GT-19300 in the mobile manufacturer’s UAE site. The Samsung Galaxy S was codenamed GT-190XX while the Galaxy S2 was called as GT-191XX. So going by the patterns of the gadgets, the GT-19300 in all probability is the same smartphone that is touted to be the hottest Android phone expected to be released this year. However, all that the website gave off was the Galaxy S3 codename, while most of the specifications and images are concealed. The Galaxy S3 is rumored to have a 2GB RAM memory, NFC facility, and 4G LTE connectivity. The smartphone features a 4.6-inch high definition super AMOLED display and comes with a 12 MP primary camera.

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