New gaming options from OnLive games for Smartphones

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All those who want to go gaming on their tablets, there is terrific news. Now you can actually play games like Batman: Arkham City on you tablets apart from games like Angry Birds.

The latest app

OnLive games have initiated a new app on the net that will allow users of smartphone and tablets play advanced games like Batman: Arkham city. Earlier you could avail playing games through the gaming service provided by the company only, that too on computers and televisions. Now this mobile app will enable gaming on tablets and androids. Onlive games will surely take you to another domain of gaming. Gadgets such as Samsung Galaxy Tab and Motorola Razr will give options Onlive games.

Added features

There are some impressive features that enable the games being played on the smartphones and android devices. These high end games can be played by the gamers free of cost once they download these mobile apps. In the past, they had to access it by buying it or on rent from Onlive games. Onlive games basis are the computer banks in the data centres. They stream the images of the games on the internet. This streaming is not easy-the graphics, and images are all highly advanced, and this complete processing is done by OnLive computers. The consumers can also have access to these console games even with lower powered devices.

The result of such sophistication of the OnLive computers is that you have a touch screen icons for Android devices. You will find the app in the app store, and since all the gaming data are stored in a cloud, you can start from where you have left off the last time. This is possible on all the gadgets on which you are playing. So you may begin to your computer and end the game on some other device.

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