Garmin Astro 320 Dog Tracking System

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 For the serious wild fowl or boar hunter nothing is more important than the safety and tracking of the hunting dogs.  The new Garmin Astro 320 dog tracking system makes it easier than ever to keep account of the dogs in the field.  Sold as a set the improved Astro 320 handheld unit comes with one DC 40 wireless collar; other collars can be purchased separately and added to the system as needed.

Garmin Astro 320 Dog Tracking System

Garmin global positioning systems have been a standard in the hunting community since the technology’s introduction.  Previous versions of the Garmin Astro system, while extremely favored by hunters of all types, had a few design flaws that did not make them ideal for the extreme outdoor conditions found during the hunt.  The new Astro 320 unit comes equipped with a sturdier antenna and a durable rubber coating to withstand rough use and terrain.  In addition, the more recent version has raised buttons on the device that allow for depression even while wearing heavy gloves for winter conditions.

 The Astro 320 handheld unit contains all the features that have made Garmin so popular over the years.  With a 2.6 inch color display that can track up to ten dogs with separate color trails and a feature to map important landmarks, this GPS device will serve numerous functions in the field. As always the unit has a three axis electronic compass and enhanced mapping functions that are compatible with Birds Eye Satellite Imagery, TOPO 100k and TOPO 24k among many others.  Both the hunter’s trail and the dogs’ can be traced in totality with the Astro 320’s thirty percent increased range mapping by updating the position every five, ten, thirty, or one hundred and twenty seconds.

 The DC 40 wireless collar is affixed to any standard one inch hunting collar and is completely waterproof, which is an added benefit for anyone who hunts in marshland or inclement weather.  The system keeps the hunter informed of not only the dog’s location but also what it is doing; running, standing, baying etc.  Depending on the dog’s position from the hunter and the overall terrain, the wireless collar can have a battery life of anywhere from seventeen to forty eight hours.  When the battery begins to run low, there is a LED charging indicator that is easily visible both in dark and light conditions.

 With a manufacturer suggested retail price of six hundred and fifty dollars for the set, the Garmin Astro 320 and DC 40 wireless collar are comparable to and cheaper than other tracking systems on the market.  When adding additional dogs to the tracking system, the hunter need only purchase separate DC 40 wireless collars at a price of two hundred dollars a piece.  The entire system and individual components can be purchased either online through or through any number of online and store retailers that specialize in hunting equipment. It is the Garmin quality and dependability that keeps the Astro 320 and DC 40 wireless collar tracking system as a standard must have in any hunter’s equipment.

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