How to get a good mobile phone deal

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With many people adamant they cannot live without their mobile phones these devices are more of a necessity rather than a luxury these days. They have become such an integral part of our culture and lifestyle that almost everyone owns a mobile phone, from schoolchildren to the elderly. Mobile phones being the necessity that they are, it is imperative to get a good deal – especially in such tough economic times.


Rather than jumping at the chance to own a new handset laden with functions you may never even use, think about hanging onto your existing handset to save cash. If you do opt for a new handset, however, comparing the market is key when it comes to making savings.

Minutes and messages

Rather than agreeing to pay for unlimited minutes and messages, it is a good idea to work out exactly how many of these you actually use per month. To avoid paying for more than you need, cast an eye over your last three bills and go mobile phone shopping with a good idea of what suits you.


While insurance from mobile providers tend to offer comprehensive cover, they can be rather an expensive option. Check that you are not already covered on your home insurance policy before signing up to a pricey mobile insurance plan.

Because of its enormous popularity, the mobile phone market has become extremely competitive. Free handsets and gifts accompanying your new purchase abound, so make sure you find a mobile phone deals that make your hard-earned cash go further!

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